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Fighting Inequality with the Past A Look into Letter from a Birmingham Jail and Related Historical Documents - Literature Essay Samples

In his letter to the clergymen, Dr. Martin Luther King utilizes many of the intellectual concepts that President Thomas Jefferson employed in the writing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. While highlighting Jefferson’s more idealistic approach, Dr. King continuously references his own religious background in order to establish an emotional and fundamental connection with the clergymen. Although Jefferson took a much less up-front approach when incorporating religion into his compositions and doctrines than Dr. King, King’s ideas of unity and reason through God closely resemble those of President Abraham Lincoln, and more specifically in Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. By harmonizing the approach of the two Presidents, Dr. King composes a rather compelling letter from his jail cell. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence asserts that â€Å"whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.† [1] As the dawn of an independent United States approached, those living in the colonies were treated with little respect from their British rulers. This led Jefferson to construct a document in which the rights and safety of the people of the new nation rested firmly in the highest echelon of priority. While Jefferson asserts that all men are created equal, for King’s purposes, the Jefferson’s idea of constituents challenging the government is more central. All men are created equally, but recognizing and understanding the differences in order to achieve equality was King’s goal. After th e clergymen reprimanded Dr. King and his followers for conducting â€Å"unwise and untimely† protests, he replied â€Å"that the new administration must be prodded about as much as the outgoing one before it acts.† [2] Dr. King felt that the old and new administrations in Birmingham turned their backs on their promises to desegregate some of the institutions in the city. When no results came to fruition, Dr. King, much like Jefferson, took action and fought for the safety and happiness of his people. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address highlights that â€Å"the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether† [3]. This reference alludes to the Lincoln’s idea that God brought woe unto the United States in the form of the Civil War as a punishment for slavery. In the Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. King argues that unjust laws must be disobeyed. He also quotes Saint Augustine by stating â€Å"an unjust law is no law at all†. While it may be aloof to directly compare Lincoln’s idea of God to Dr. King himself, the similarities are apparent. Dr. King brought protests to Birmingham as a response to the discourse over racial equality, while God brought about the war as a response to slavery in the States. Each of these events, worldly and otherworldly, emphasize Lincoln’s ideas of religion as a road to equality. In King’s eyes, devotion to God was the key to unity between the races. Lincoln viewed God’s actions as consequ ences for man’s atrocities, while King viewed God’s actions as rewards for loyalty. Although many ideological similarities exist between King’s letter and the addresses of the two Presidents, the foundations of them are inherently different. While Jefferson and King composed their publications in order to address some type of inequality, the purpose of the Declaration of Independence was to separate the colonists from the British Empire. In contrast, King’s letter was an attempt to help the clergymen understand why King and his followers are protesting in order to subsequently unite the white church and the black church. Furthermore, Lincoln felt that the Civil War was an inevitable response of God (â€Å"’Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come.’† [3]), while King felt that trusting in God and living a life of religious introspection would be the key to unlocking the door to unity and equality. While Dr. King may not have directly quoted or referenced the way Jefferson or Lincoln thought, the similarities between his and their words and actions are evident. King and Jefferson view the rights of man as inalienable and inherent. King and Lincoln view that through God, justice will inevitably be achieved through trust in Him. As racial inequality still presents itself as a hot topic today, it is important to look back on historical texts such as King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail and relate our current issues to the issues our country has experienced in the past. References [1]: [2]: [3]:

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Democracy Individualism Essay example - 3518 Words

Democracy Individualism There is growing consensus in the United States of the potential collapse of democracy, and many scholars question whether America will be able to address the challenges necessary to avert it. At the heart of the issue is the disintegration of civil society. In a remarkable book on the subject – Democracy on Trial – Jean Elshtain (1995: 5) notes, â€Å"As a civic question – and it is by no means a civic matter alone – the locus of despair speaks to the loss of civil society. This deepening emptiness, and kind of evacuation of civic spaces, lies in the background of our current discontents, helping to explain why democracy is going through an ordeal of self-understanding as we near the end of the twentieth†¦show more content†¦In fact it is possible to have both negative and positive developments of individualism, a better understanding of which can be seen by an analysis of individual needs and individual reactions to environmental stimuli. Su ch an analysis may lend to a better understanding of not only how â€Å"negative individualism† develops in the U.S., but appropriate means by which these negative developments of individualism can be avoided in the future without loss of unique American individualism that stands as a forefront of American success and prosperity. Such an analysis, however, must consider both the individual as a unique human being, with individual wants, desires, and needs, as well as the individual responding to environmental queues which affect their behavior by providing either impetus for, or roadblocks to, their needs and desires. Civil society begins to atrophy when collective behavior is the result of a sufficient number of individuals who feel that collective ends are thwarting their own individual needs, resulting in further exaggeration of negative individualism in an effort to regain a balance, perceived or otherwise, between individual and societal needs. The qualitative method utilized in this effort attempts to unravel the disintegration of civil society in consideration of an analysis of the unique balance between individual needs and individuals responding to their environmental. Rapid and advancedShow MoreRelatedDemocracy And Individualism : A Nation Of A Homogenous Type Of Society1241 Words   |  5 PagesDemocracy and Individualism In the 1800’s, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and many others had visions for America that involved a nation of a homogenous type of society. It was believed in order to create a better nation that people other than the European Americans needed to be eradicated. In these beliefs, these men affected the America nation through their trials and tribulations, which help guide society into what it is today. Thomas Jefferson was a man who viewed white as beautiful. InRead MoreAn Exploration of Individualism as Described by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America1312 Words   |  6 PagesAn Exploration of Individualism As Described By Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy In America The classic work Democracy In America by Alexis de Tocqueville has been the reason for scholarly pursuit as well as strife within that same community. Through a brief examination of this text, several of Tocqueville’s arguments helped to define many of the constructs that made America what it was as well as those that have led to what it has become today. Of the many themes and ideas presentedRead MoreAmerican Political Culture And Its Representation Of Democracy, Equality, Individualism, And Liberty1485 Words   |  6 PagesWORDS APURBA CHAKRABORTY American political culture is altogether vast and diversified; however, it retains one singular feature – it is a contradiction. At the core, the majority ideally has subscribed to the values of democracy, equality, individualism, and liberty. Even so, history attests to the fact that bona fide enforcement of such values is not consistent. The nation has simultaneously promoted equality while it denied equality. It has exercised open-mindedness toward other culturesRead MoreIndividualism, Collectivism and Human Behavior616 Words   |  3 Pagesover the decades has been individualism and collectivism and how they shape who humans are. The natural instincts to survive as individuals and within groups have existed since the beginning of time. In the author’s forward of Anthem, Ayn Rand states that social gains, social aims, and social objectives have become bromides of our language (Rand 15). By stating this she implies that society embraces collectivism and community i deals and has lost sight of individualism. Anthem describes a dystopiaRead MoreThe Asian Value Debate686 Words   |  3 Pagescommunity above individuals as well as a strong family based society. Another distinct feature of â€Å"The Mahathir Model† is that it draws upon the Western world, critiquing the Western worlds believes in a democratic model of politics as well as strong individualism. This model of Asian values helped Mahathir garner support in his agenda as stability and social cohesion became internalized as essential core Asian values (Medes, 1994). The authoritarian nature of Mahathir’s Asian values can also be seen throughRead MoreIndividualism Is Celebrated As An Achievement Of Our Culture, Economy, And Success1328 Words   |  6 PagesIn our modern society, individualism is celebrated as an achievement of our culture, economy, and success. It basks in the light of personal success overthrowing the success of the community, and believes that to be personally successful is more important than the success and solidarity among the people you identify with. In the 19th century of Latin America, this ideology was forced onto a society that perceived itself as a collective culture. The success of the majority was more important thanRead MoreIndividualism Vs Collectivism And Collectivism Essay1678 Words   |  7 PagesTITLE : Individualism vs Collectivism ABSTRACT Our world is a so vastly populated that the presence of differences among various socio-economic groups is natural phenomenon. One aspect among these differences is Individualism and Collectivism. Individualism can be observed in countries like USA, Canada, Netherlands, etc. while collectivism can be observed in Venezuela, Ecuador, etc.. While we study this topic one natural question comes to our mind is which Individualism or Collectivism should beRead MoreThe Development Of Liberalism After The Chinese Economic Reform And Open Up1708 Words   |  7 Pagesvision echoes the Chinese economic scene today, in which the decelerating economic growth rate is coupled with an increasing centralization of political power, foreshadowing an absolutist autocracy, at least. Hayek argues that the foundations of individualism go back to a root from classical antiquity and Christianity. And he sees the transfer of power from the state to the individual as the basis of western civilization. People in the past experienced dramatic elevation of material comfort and developmentRead MoreTocqueville s Views On The And Materialistic Quality America1395 Words   |  6 Pagesencounter a citizen in America so poor that he did not cast a glance of hope and longing on the enjoyments of the rich and whose imagination was not seized in advance by the goods that fate was obstinately refusing him.1† This particular quote, from Democracy in America, speaks in regard to every American. Personally I believe that this quote does define what an, â€Å"American,† is. We as a society do not give up, that is how the revolution began and it leads to one of the most powerful nations today. AmericaRead MoreEssay on American Culture: Individualism1091 Words   |  5 P agesHollywood and Disney World. Underneath the layers of TV advertising and hyper-consumerism, there is a cultural DNA that makes America what it is. Here is a brief look at several cultural â€Å"genes† that influence the way Americans think and act. Individualism Individualism is a way of life by which a person places his or her own desires, needs, and comforts above the needs of a broader community. This does not mean that Americans have no concern for other people, but it does mean that they give high priority

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Symptoms And Treatments Of Bipolar Disorder - 2392 Words

Bipolar disorder is a common mental neurological illness that currently affects approximately 5.5 million Americans that are at least eighteen years or older. There are an estimated 51% of individuals with this condition who are untreated in any given year. Individuals diagnosed with this disease have mood swings that alternate from periods of severe highs (mania) to extreme lows (depression). Suicide is the number one cause of premature death among people with bipolar disorder, with 15-17 percent taking their own lives as a result of negative symptoms that come from untreated illness (TAC, 2011). People with bipolar disorders can be characterized as wild, frantic, pacing, out-of-their-mind, and extremely depressed. Taking a look into what†¦show more content†¦Bipolar disorder is characterized by more than one bipolar episode. There are three types of bipolar disorder: Bipolar 1 Disorder, in which the primary symptom presentation is manic, or rapid (daily) cycling episodes o f mania and depression. Bipolar 2 Disorder, in which the primary symptom presentation is recurrent depression accompanied by hypo manic episodes (a milder state of mania in which the symptoms are not severe enough to cause marked impairment in social or occupational functioning or need for hospitalization, but are sufficient to be observable by others). The last one, Cyclothymic Disorder, a chronic state of cycling between hypo manic and depressive episodes that do not reach the diagnostic standard for bipolar disorder (APA, 2000, pp. 388–392) (NCBI, 2012). Manic episodes are characterized by: A distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood, lasting at least 1 week (or any duration if hospitalization is necessary) (NCBI, 2012). During the period of mood disturbance, three (or more) of the following symptoms have persisted and have been present to a significant degree: increased self-esteem or grandiosity, decreased need for sleep (e.g., feels rested after only 3 hours of sleep), more talkative than usual or pressure to keep talking, flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing, distractibility, increase in goal-directed activity (either

Market Equilibration Process free essay sample

Mike Blackmon Market Equilibration Process Paper No matter what we do throughout our lives we always want those factors that make our lives to always balance out. The same concept can be applied in the business world. Market equilibrium is the state in which market supply and demand balance each other, which makes the prices on products and services stable. (site) In order to understand market equilibrium, it is important to have a clear understanding of supply and demand. A supply is a schedule showing the amounts of a good or service that sellers will offer at various prices during some period. (site) An example of a supply can be a pair of Ralph Lauren boots or a Playstation 3. A demand is a schedule showing the amounts of a good or service that buyers wish to purchase at various prices during a period of time. (site) One example of a demand is the amount of people who want to buy those products during the Black Friday. We will write a custom essay sample on Market Equilibration Process or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Consumer desires, consumer income, the amount of substituted goods that could be produced, and the advances in technology are all variables that can demand which way the market equilibrium shifts. This paper will express how market equilibrium is involved in the automotive industry and how the demands for those automobiles shift. A real life example that pertains to the concepts of the market equilibrium of supply and demand is in the automotive industry. This process normally takes place at the beginning and the end of the calendar year. Ever since I have been working at JT’s Automotive Group there has always been a huge demand for a KIA. Since gas prices have increase the demand has been so high. The reason for this is because all the cars within the KIA brand are fuel efficient automobiles. Last month JT’s Automotive Group ran a huge sale which almost cut the prices on these automobiles almost in half. Consumers from all over the southeast and from the north brought vehicles from this dealership. At this time the market equilibrium was balance because there was an equal about of supply to fulfill the high demand. By buyers and sellers agreeing to a certain equilibrium prices it made this automotive group stand out as one of the best dealerships on the east coast. Since the big sale ended on March 31, the demand for a KIA has decrease to the point where it has come to a stop. One main factor that brought about this change is that there has become a shortage on the supply available for the consumer to see and purchase on the spot. Since there is not enough supply the dealership has offer to pre-order vehicles to help balance out the consumer demand but till this day there has not been successful in increase the revenue. As stated before market equilibrium is where there is an equal balance between supply and demand. This is normally a key factor that most managers must incorporate in order to be aware of their quarterly and annually projections. Until the quantity increases in supply with JT’s Automotive Group that will be able to respond to the high demand for KIA automobiles in the Columbia market there will always be an imbalance that needs to be fulfilled.

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White Oleander Essays - White Oleander, Astrid Peth, Claire Bennet

White Oleander White Oleander, a dramatic fiction by Janet Fitch, was published by Little, Brown and Company in Boston. The story is about a mother and daughter, Ingred and Astrid have a very unusual relationship. Ingred loves her daughter but never asks her what she thinks so therefore doesn't know her daughter too well. Such as she does not know of her daughter's yearning for a father. Ingred makes it very clear that she will not allow herself to get close to a man. She is a very brilliant, beautiful poet, who is adored by a man named Barry Kolker. He goes to all of her readings, and asks her out each time. One of the times Barry invites her to go to the Gamelan, an orchestra. Loving the Gamelan, she accepts. Her and Astrid join Barry, and they begin talking more. They start going out more, but each time she makes and stands by regulations, such as he will invite her to eat after an event where they had not planned on eating and she will refuse, because she doesn't like to get attached to men, and doesn't want to spend anymore time than she had already allotted. All of a sudden, her rules start diminishing. One time, there was a knock at her door, and it was Barry. She thought to herself, 'how dare he just come without an invitation?'. When she opened the door (a knife in her hand), he had a bottle of wine, and bag of something that smelled good. To Astrid's surprise she did something least expected. She invited him in. One night Barry said he would be over to her house at 9 and never showed. So the next day, Ingred showed up unannounced at Barry's and she went inside and they made love. Immediately after, he told Ingred she had to leave because he had a date coming. She wanted to seek revenge. She started showing up at every place he was at. She broke into his house. He tried to go to her house and make her stop the nonsense. He tried forcing his way in her house, and she stabbed him in the hand. He left, and the next day she went to his house, where she found he had changed the locks. She broke in and placed white oleanders in his milk, oy ster sauce and cottage cheese, and one in his toothpaste. She made an arrangement of white oleanders on his table, and scattered blooms on his bed. A police officer came to Ingred's house, and told her that Barry is accusing her of breaking and entering, and trying to poison him. She calmly stated that Barry is angry with her. She broke up with him and that he couldn't get over her. Ingred and Astrid took trip to Tijuana and Ingred bought a bottle of medicine called, DMSO, which helps drugs absorb through your skin (DMSO helps nicotine patches work), and uses that to poison him. He dies. Ingred is eventually placed in jail, leaving Astrid to jump from foster home to foster home. Her first foster home is with a mother named Star. Star is a busty, and leggy, ex-coke addict turned Christian. Star has a boyfriend named Ray, and Astrid falls in love with him. Astrid, 13, has an affair with the 40-something Ray. Star gets jealous of their friendship and gets suspicious. One day, Star comes in, in a drunken rage and shoots Astrid. Astrid is immediately removed and placed in a second home, the home of Ed and Marble Turlock. At this home, she was treated like a slave. She was forced to clean and baby-sit, and was never shown any affection, and was never introduced to anyone. Astrid makes friends with a black neighbor, named Olivia Johnston, who the prejudiced Marble condemns a hooker. When Marble finds that Astrid is friends with her, Marble beats her up, and she once again gets moved, which she finds out at school, with her bags already packed for her, and no chance to say good-byes. The third house, was a big, beautiful estate. Amelia, the foster mother took in girls as slaves, and when she would leave, she

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Sample of Personal Statement Essay Example

Sample of Personal Statement Essay Example Sample of Personal Statement Essay Sample of Personal Statement Essay To Whom It May Concern: Re: Application of Student Visa to study in RMIT University In additional to all my documents provided, I would like to take this opportunity to write a personal statement to clarify the main reasons that drive me to study in Australia. I was born in 1981, the starting period of Chinas economy reform designed and implemented under the leadership of Mr. De Xiaoping. I have witnessed the dramatic changes in the continuous infrastructure construction, observable improvement of living standards, greater enrichment of social life, gradual deregulation of policies and strong growth of local economy. All the positive sides make everybody fond of the market economy, especially my parents, both of who are managers of property development companies. My parents have great influence on me, so when I was young, I start to learn how to keep abreast of the modern society by learning the new knowledge and skills. The world is already heading toward the new economy, although there are still some turmoil in certain fields and period. The explosive information technology changed the world in such quick and significant manners that many economists cant explain well. Meanwhile, China is joining WTO, the economy at this moment is growing at 8% annually, by further eliminating non-tariff barriers and reduce tariff rates, Chinas market will experience huge structural changes and countless opportunities will emerge to make China the hottest spot in the world economy. As a Chinese student, I am living in a new age that China is in shortage of personnel with proficient English skills, overseas education background and capability to merge east and west cultures. By choosing to study in RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, there are a few advantages that I can achieve my goal: Australia is a multicultural country, and RMIT university is a well-known multicultural university. I can learn how to interact within different cultures to improve my interpersonal skills. I also can build up a network that comprises friends from different countries and areas. Australia enjoys vast land, abundant resources, mild weather and well-managed security, it is the best destination to study. Australia has the world class educational systems, and RMIT university is well-know for its practical mission and provident objectives. By learning its IT courses, I can become an IT professional recognised in Australia and China and other places as I will have obtained professional IT skills. Australia has good relationship with China and Australia is also changing its old economy image by actively engaged into cooperation between APEC countries and regions. China is certainly the biggest potential market for Australia. With my multicultual background and Australian experience and skills, when I have completed study in Australia and returns China, I can participate into the development of business cooperation or any other relationship In short, by choosing to study in RMIT University in Australia, I will benefit greatly from the extraordinary experience for building up my professional career, and I will help to build China, my motherland, into a well-managed market economy country. I look forward that my application can be assessed and approved at your earliest convenience! Regards! xxxx

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Research a current wireless networking trend Paper

A current wireless networking trend - Research Paper Example IFIED as the latest in wireless networking technology suitable for small size enterprise presenting its advantages and weaknesses as well as its contribution to the wireless security. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED addresses the significant requirements of an enterprise that the previous wireless technologies did not cater for. Voice over-Wi-Fi, for instance, is a valuable and fundamental enterprise application. (Bertrand, 2012) Wi-Fi CERTIFIED as a wireless networking technology supports data and voice simultaneously as well as a more comprehensive coverage throughout the enterprise. The adoption of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED by an enterprise will ensure a high and unpredictable user density as compared to the previous low scale Wi-Fi technologies which are basically data oriented and support low user densities. As companies expand their wireless networks and embrace voice applications, the need for a more advanced Wi-Fi technology such as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED becomes a fundamental priority in order to keep up with the competition given its advantages over the previous wireless networking technologies. (Bertrand, 2012) Wi-Fi CERTIFIED eliminates the limited coverage presented by the previous wireless networking technology. The wide coverage presented by Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is sufficient for continuous connectivity required by the voice applications hence seamless mobility which allows users staying connected without the need of disconnection even when they are on the move. (Gast, 2005) In addition to improved coverage and capacity as discussed, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED also enables voice support that improves the quality of service, an enterprise requirement neglected by the previous Wi-Fi technologies. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED has the ability to distinguish between data traffic and voice traffic. It does this by not prioritizing voice packets over data packets, but equally transmitting the two packets at the same time ensuring that voice clients receive their medium when required. (Gast, 2005) Furthermore,